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Customized PhitSticks

Phit.Club can create customized PhitSticks for your company, organization, team or non-profit organization.

Wellness managers or marketing professionals: You can work with us to create branded PhitSticks for your company.  If you want your employees or customers to know you care about their welfare, this is an effective and affordable way to show  them.  Working all day behind a computer is detrimental to employee health.  Taking multiple breaks with the PhitStick can help reduce sick days over time due to better overall employee health.  

Team, clubs and organizations: we are here to support you, especially if you are an athletic related organization.   PhitStick will help you gain muscle, no matter what your sport is and it boosts team spirit.

Non-profit Organizations:           We have a program to help you raise funds.  We can create PhitSticks branded for your cause.  Our program allows you to use PhitSticks as an incentive for donors.  You do not have any quantity requirements, no inventory exposure and no upfront costs.  Contact us for details. 

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